Connection With Color

Color. It’s all around us. It’s even inside of us. But…considering we are covered in, surrounded by, made up of and constantly creating with color…how much do we pay attention to or work to consciously interact with color’s influences on how we feel and how we move through our days and our journeys of becoming who we are and who we want to become?

Join us as we explore some of the fun and functional ways color connects us to the UU’s Seven Principles, to the energies pulsing through our bodies, to the science of the warm and cool colors that affect our moods and for a little fun with color collaborations connecting the nature within us to the nature around us. As Petula Clark once sang….”So you can color my world with sunshine yellow each day, Oh you can color my world with happiness all the way, Just take the green from the grass and the blue from the sky up above, and if you color my world just paint it with your love, just color my world…”