Clever But Not Wise

Our current existential dilemma – intimately intertwined over-population, over-consumption, and myriad environmental quagmires – can best be understood in the light of human behavioral characteristics that have arisen over evolutionary time.  The “agenda of the gene”, is baked into our DNA:  to reproduce, to consume, … read more.

Everybody, Celebrate!

There is a lot more that connects us than divides us, and that includes the celebrations of the holiday season. Nearly every major religion has a major holiday between the end of November and early January. Not surprisingly, they tend to have a common theme: … read more.

The Quiltmakers Gift

As the holidays approach join us in a fun and playful service exploring the beauty of giving and receiving from the heart. We invite you to join our patchwork community of narrators, ‘piece work’ players and musicians in recreating the beautiful message that unfolds throughout … read more.

Annual Winter Solstice Service

Join us for our annual service celebrating the returning of the light.  This is a special service that honors pagan tradition, nature’s beauty, and a look back upon the closing year.

Christmas Service

A service of traditional Christmas readings and hymns.