Disabilities: Inclusion, Accessibility and Identity

Rachel Carter shares her experiences with a life altering identity change and how Unitarian Universalism has influenced her journey towards healing and ministry.

Rachel Carter is finishing up her second year of seminary at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO.  She is pursuing an M.Div. … read more.

What To Do With An Idea

Ideas flow through us on a near constant basis, sometimes overwhelming us. What do we do with them all? How do we sort them? How do we turn them into a productive, tangible concept that we can then create into reality? Idea generator Laura Lee … read more.

What To Do With A Problem

We struggle and can sometimes feel torn down by what we perceive as problems. They can feel insurmountable and like a weight that drags us under. But there are simple solutions you can apply to most any ‘problem’. Phillip Lotto will take you on a … read more.

Spirituality and Music

While growing up him the Catholic church, UU folksingers Joseph and John DeMasi were introduced to a very narrow definition of God. As It’s we know that our spirituality can be found everywhere and anywhere. Join the DeMasi Bros. in their return engagement as … read more.

This I Believe

This I Believe was a radio program hosted by Edward R. Murrow that ran from 1951 to 1955. Famous people and everyday folk wrote and read short essays revealing their personal mantras and beliefs. Since then, the concept has been revived several times, including a … read more.

Labor Day–No Service

No service during this long holiday weekend. Enjoy being outdoors or being with family!

Mingling of the Waters

Please bring either “living waters” from wherever your travels or activities have led you over the summer or plan on using “symbolic” water provided at the service. Participants will be invited to share what the water means to them as the water is poured and … read more.

Annual Pet Blessing

Calling all pooches, Persian cats and pocket pets! It’s our annual pet blessing service facilitated by Laura Lotto.

Knowledge vs. Absolute Certainty

The Unitarian 4th Principle states: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” In religious studies, the greatest threat to any search for understanding the Gospels of the Bible are the doctrines and dogma proclaimed by the governing institutions of most Christian denominations.  … read more.


Rev. Karon Sandberg returns. This is also New Member Recognition Sunday. Members who have joined our fellowship within the past year will be celebrated during this service.