Annual Pet Blessing

Calling all pooches, Persian cats and pocket pets! It’s our annual pet blessing service facilitated by Laura Lotto.

This annual observation is held on a Sunday close to October 4. In the Roman Catholic tradition, October 4 is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. St. … read more.

Knowledge vs. Absolute Certainty

The Unitarian 4th Principle states: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” In religious studies, the greatest threat to any search for understanding the Gospels of the Bible are the doctrines and dogma proclaimed by the governing institutions of most Christian denominations.  … read more.

United Nations Sunday

Following World War II, the United Nations (UN) was founded on  October 24, 1945. The UN is a global association of governments that facilitates cooperation in international law, security, economic development, and social equality. With aims to protect human rights and achieve world peace, it … read more.

The Shifting Paradigm of Freedom

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “What is the value of any political freedom, but as a means to moral freedom?” Today, the word freedom is used politically to justify a myriad of ideas, from the freedom to openly carry assault rifles to the freedom to leave … read more.


Youth Sunday Service

Join us for this youth-led service, when the grown-ups get a chance to learn from the next generation. How is Unitarian Universalism shaping their lives? What do the 7 Principles mean to them? What challenges do they face? What can we do to support our … read more.

Stories of Hope

How do we maintain hope in this complicated world? How do we cultivate gratitude and joy, even when–especially when–things are difficult?

Come Sing A Song

Our hymnal is a rich source of beautiful music from so many traditions! You are cordially invited to join Denise Jacobs our music director and our musicians for Fellowship hymn sing of some of your favorites. You pick the hymns! Denise will offer some historical … read more.


S. James Meyer is a husband, father, Catholic Deacon, business owner, homeless advocate, and author. He recently published God Plays a Purple Banjo and 41 Other Stories of Inspiration, Hope and Humor, a refreshing, delightfully written, and deeply personal book that provides the answer to … read more.

Mind The Gap

Any visitor to London will instantly recognize this as the safety message regularly heard at tube stops as well as the iconic image that goes along with it. In addition to being valuable safety advice, the phrase also suggests rich meanings about space, time and … read more.