The Green Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a lay-lead congregation governed by bylaws and an elected Board of Trustees. Board meetings are held monthly. A slate of officers is elected by Active Voting Members during the Annual Meeting, held in May.

2023 – 2024 Board of Trustees

Chair: Natalie Buhl

Vice Chair: Annette Dreier

Past Chair: Kimberly Brumm

Senior Treasurer: Ramona Makos
Junior Treasurer: Roz Barker

Secretary: Nicole Bickham

At-Large Members:
Carl Bennett
Ron Ropson

Continuing Teams
Committees, teams and specialized groups comprised of dedicated, hard-working volunteers devote their time and talents to care for the congregation and support its mission and ministry.

Our bylaws recognize these six continuing teams:

  1. Stewardship 
  2. Membership 
  3. Program 
  4. Religious Enrichment
  5. Social Justice 
  6. Facilities

Other groups also contribute to the life of the fellowship and include:

  • Caring
  • Music
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Ministerial 

The Minister shall possess freedom of the pulpit and acts as adviser to all other teams and organizations. They provide periodic reports as requested by the Board of Trustees.