Composting Our Faith

Unitarian Universalism is called a ‘living tradition” meaning we are not bound by doctrine or the way our ancestors did something. Rather, like composting, we continually break down what we affirm and promote and transform it into what nourishes growth for the season we are … read more.

The Work of Transformative Justice of Women Religious

Between November 2023 and November 2024, the national Leadership Conference for Women Religious (LCWR) is engaging in looking at the 2024 US national election campaign through the lens of transformative justice. Tracy Abler, Justice Promoter for the Congregation of Sisters of St Agnes (CSA), will … read more.

It’s Butterfly Time Again

The image of the caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly invites us each spring to ponder our own personal transformation process. How do we support each other to continually grow spiritually and ethically?

See the UUConnect for the service logon information or click on March 24 in the … read more.

5th Sunday Presentation + Potluck

Katina will share with us how we can help our Fellowship simply by buying the things we’ve always bought — using online SCRIP.

The presentation will be followed by a potluck.