A Few Words in Favor of Heresy

We’ll take a deep dive into the history of the concept, lifting up a few notables who wore the label as a badge of honor. We’ll also see how the charge of “heresy” has evolved from a serious capital offense to one that is seldom … read more.

The Message of Monarchs

Monarchs have scientific, cultural, and spiritual importance to people of many different backgrounds and belief systems. Join Jim Brey as he discusses these butterflies’ unique survival and migratory adaptations, their relevance in the understanding and development of modern conservation techniques, and their significance to many … read more.

5th Sunday Presentation + Potluck

JOSHUA is an interfaith organization that envisions a fair and equitable future where everyone is an active participant in building a strong and healthy community. JOSHUA inspires and equips people to work on systemic justice issues. Sara Williams, JOSHUA Organizer will be our guest … read more.