Why Everyone Deserves a Good Life

For far too long, our politics and our culture have told us that not everyone deserves to have a good job, good healthcare, or the best education. This sermon explores the April theme of “resistance” through that question. Author and professor Jon Shelton argues that … read more.

Spiritual Resistance

The Christian Easter story of descending into a dark tomb of death and returning to the light of life is a great metaphor for spiritual resistance. As our society seems to be descending into a tomb of fear, anxiety and despair, Unitarian Universalism keeps resisting … read more.

Resisting the Growing Edge

Theologian Howard Thurman told us to “Look well to the growing edge! For it is here we find the basis of hope in moments of despair, the incentive to carry on…“ Growing edges may be places of hope, and they are often places and times … read more.

The Rights of Nature

Environmentalism has always resisted the dominant cultural view that nature is merely a resource for humans for seemingly unending consumption. The Rights of Nature is a growing global movement to transform Indigenous values into enforceable laws that can protect the planet for all life. This … read more.