The practice of receiving an offering during the worship service or contributing through a weekly, monthly or annual pledge is a reminder that generosity is a significant component of living a spiritually robust life. 

We gratefully accept all financial gifts that help support and sustain the work of this fellowship.

Four Ways To Give

  1. Place a check (made out to GBAUUF) or loose change in the offering basket during services
    • Note: Undesignated offering (loose change or bills) without documentation isn’t traceable and unable to be counted toward pledges or membership contributions.
  2. Mail a check (made out to GBAUUF) to the church office.
  3. Establish an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/direct deposit from your bank account to the fellowship’s account.
  4. Give online. This link allows you to designate your contribution toward your annual canvass pledge or to make a donation to a general fund (Sunday offering basket.) You can choose to make this a single donation or set up an account for regular contributions using a credit card or bank debit.

If it’s possible, we encourage you to select ACH Bank Transfer rather than Credit Card, because the processing fees are smaller. But either way, we are grateful for your donation!

Thank you!