From distributing Orders of Service on a Sunday morning to planning the Sunday service, from making coffee to teaching children, and from cutting the lawn to keeping our church shining, many hands make the work light and our community thriving.

Join a committee or consider helping out for a one-and-done event or activity. There are many opportunities to become involved for as little or as long as you have time. Members and friends alike are welcome! Contact the Office Manager for more information.

Facilities Team
Helps keep the place looking good and running smoothly.

  • Cuts the grass (on own time)
  • Shovels snow (as needed)
  • Handyman/woman (as needed/on own time)
  • Weekly cleaning (on own time)
  • Opener/closer (Sunday mornings, weekly except holiday weekends)

Membership Team
Helps connect visitors

  • Greet people at the door, encourage visitors to sign guest book, show coat room and restroom locations, answer questions about the Fellowship, strike up conversations to make all feel welcome.
    • Weekly/Sunday mornings (scheduled)

Plans and facilitates church-related events associated with food

  • Bakes/brings treats and snacks for after service
    • Weekly
  • Stays after service to help clean up
    • Weekly
  • Helps with 5th Sunday Potluck (planning, set-up, clean-up)
    • When month has a fifth Sunday (about 4X/year)
  • Plans and coordinates Summer picnic
    • Annually

Caring Team
Cares for our members

  • Receives the call when a member of our UU family needs or requests help.
    • As needed
  • For those in need or in crisis situations, coordinate and/or provide meals, transportation, help with daily living chores such as housecleaning or assistance after surgery.
    • As needed, on own time
  • Contact members who have not been in attendance for a long time.
    • Semi-annual or as needed

Religious Enrichment/Childcare Team
Provides education service and programming to families of younger children.

  • Helps watch pre-school and school age children during Sunday services.
    • Weekly
  • Helps RE Leader to teach lessons to school-age children using established curriculum.
    • Weekly (September through May)
  • Helps coordinate Coming of Age program.
    • As needed (generally every few years or annually for larger congregations)

Adult/Family Enrichment
Plans and facilitates special events/activities outside of weekly services, time TBD at the discretion of the organizer

  • Coordinates and leads adult study groups, discussion and/or presentations
  • Plans and hosts programs. Possibilities include:
    • Family movie night
    • Game night
    • Painting party
  • Serves as a book group leader
  • Convenes a Chalice Circle
  • Hosts a circle dinner

Stewardship Team
Manages and oversees matters associated with finances and fundraising

  • Manages and/or sells SCRIP
    • Weekly Sunday mornings and on own time (management part)
  • Manages and sells fair trade items
    • On own time
  • Runs the canvass
    • Annual event
  • Manages fundraisers
    • Event-driven as needed (e.g. Auction, Pop-Up Shop, Brat Stand, Bunco, Holiday Cookie Sale)
  • Serves on the finance committee
    • Quarterly meetings

Sunday Services Team
Coordinates and facilitates weekly services. (Meets semi-annually or quarterly as a group. Most work done on own time. Sign up for service dates.)

  • Contacts potential speakers and books them for open service dates.
  • Selects service elements such as opening and closing words and responsive reading.
  • Coordinates hymns with Music Director.
  • Prepares order of service for printing by Office Manager.
  • Occasionally reads a prepared sermon, or writes own sermon based on a topic of interest to them.

Music Team
Provides music for our weekly services

  • Coordinates music and musicians
    • Works with Music Director/covering absences
  • Plays an instrument
    • Weekly/works with Music Director providing Sunday music
  • Soloist
    • Providing special music
  • Special music
    • Other talents/special events focused on specific service needs

Tech Team
Helps with the technical aspects of Sunday services

  • Serves as Zoom host
    • Weekly

Social Justice
Represents GBAUUF within local, state and/or national social justice initiatives; raises awareness of topics and/or events and actions

  • NEW Community Shelter meal baker/server
    • Two to four times per year
  • Collection efforts (Golden House, Paul’s Pantry/Egg Cartons, Pill Bottle Collection, A Spare and a Pair/Back to School, St. John’s Homeless Shelter, etc.)
    • Ongoing and single event coordinating/facilitating
  • JOSHUA representative
  • Unitarian Universalist State Action Network (WUUSAN)
  • Other local group representation (e.g. Baird’s Creek Clean-up, etc.)