Financial Pledge Form

Time and Talent Form

A Message From Our Senior Treasurer: Annette Dreier

Our fiscal years run from July first through June 30th and we are starting now because we need to present a final budget at the April Board Meeting. Membership then votes on the budget in May.

The theme for this year canvass is Stronger Together. If you are like me, you learned through the shut down how much we need each other, and we need to be in each other’s presence. I do not like cold but was so desperate to be with friends that I visited with friends in the fall of 2020 long after I would normally shut myself indoors. We need to be present with each other, face to face to share a smile, or a good story.

Stronger Together also represents our connection with the Fond Du Lac and Stevens Point fellowships.  The consortium has made us stronger because we are together.

To meet our proposed expenses over the next year, we will need to raise more than we did last year. This is a hard ask, but we must raise the funds needed to preserve our community.

I am asking each of you to look at your own financial situation and determine how much more you can provide to sustain this community. Keep in mind that there are some in our fellowship that have been hurt financially by this pandemic and may not be able to pledge as much this year. If you are like me, and have not been harmed financially, maybe you can give a bit more to help those in a tighter situation. I plan to increase my pledge by 10%.

Again this year you will be able to pledge online or on paper. Please contact me if you need any assistance with filling out the online form or to request a paper pledge version.

Our community needs more than money to continue providing services as we have in the past. There are so many ways that you can help with your time. Another way that you can help both financially and with your time is to help organize a fundraiser. Last year we brought in more than $1000 dollars by people organizing fundraisers. That helps the budget significantly.  

There are so many ways that you can help the fellowship with your time.  As part of the canvass we include a Time and Talent survey that helps us determine a good fit for you.  But you do not need to wait for the time talent sheets to be compiled. Reach out to one of the board members and they will be glad to talk with you and find a perfect fit for your talents.

We have laughed and cried together. We have shared happy moments and shared grief. Through it all, with your continued commitment to this community both with your time and your finances, you have made us Stronger Together.