The Event and Announcement Request Form is a tool to be used by individuals or groups to help schedule events and programs at GBAUUF.

To request a date and space for your GBAUUF-related Event; and/or to submit information promoting your scheduled Event or other Announcement through GBAUUF communication tools, click on this Google Forms link and fill in the fields with details. You may edit your responses after submitting the form. 

Flyers or other documents will not be accepted in lieu of submitting this form. An uploaded vector or high-resolution logo or image can be included as space permits.

It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, including the email address that will be published with it and used to contact you. Be aware that your submission may be subject to editing.

This form can also be used to update an existing Announcement Request with new information (e.g. changed Time or Date or cancelled event.)

For information about using our building and associated rental fees, please visit the Building Usage/Rental page on our website. A separate Rental Agreement Form is required for new inquiries and bookings.

If you need assistance with your submission, please contact the Office Manager. 


The submission deadline for News and Announcements for the upcoming the weekly UUConnect newsletter and the Order of Service Insert and/or service PPT, is midnight Sunday

Submissions will be reviewed by our Office Manager who manages our fellowship calendar and is responsible for scheduling Event Requests. The Office Manage also coordinates all Announcement needs with our Communications Specialist each Monday.


The information you provide will be used to create announcements and placed in our weekly communication tools including the UUConnect (newsletter), Order of Service (OoS) Announcement Insert, Sunday Service PPT Slides, GBAUUF Facebook page, website and/or the Welcome Center chalkboard.  

All announcements not originating from GBAUUF must be of interest to our GBAUUF fellowship and our Mission in order to be considered. Community events, programs or other activities not specifically affiliated with GBAUUF will be included only if space permits—and at the discretion of the GBAUUF editorial staff. Submitting a request does not guarantee placement.


In order to maintain an hour-long Sunday service and allow our guest speakers the time we’ve asked them to talk, the Sunday Service Committee wishes to limit and reduce the need to ask “any other announcements?” Unless an immediate event or program requires further details or attention, if an event is already listed in the OoS Insert, it will not be verbally repeated.

However, the Service Committee recognizes that there are times when spoken announcements may be needed. Consideration will be given to GBAUUF events or deadlines imminently occurring. 

If you need to make announcement during the service on Sunday morning, please observe these tips:

  • It’s best to get your announcement in ahead of time in writing. 
  • If necessary, you can talk to the facilitator prior to the service about the need to make an announcement yourself. 
  • Facilitators are generally available 30 minutes preparing for the service.