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Belonging as a Spiritual Practice

Belonging to a secular organization is usually very transactionally based – a fee is paid to obtain services. However, belonging to a religious organization should be very different. This Sunday I invite you to consider belonging to our Fellowship as a spiritual practice. How does … read more.

Belonging Embraces… Community

According to Sr Caroline belonging isn’t just about membership, it requires participation; belonging is about relationship. Sr Caroline is a contemplative dreamer who colors beyond boundaries into possibility.¬†She loves growing veggies, cooking and baking bread from scratch, wasting nothing. This year she celebrates 57 years … read more.

Annual Mingling of the Waters

Every year we welcome everyone back to our Fellowship by mingling the waters of our summer together. Please bring a small sample of water representing an activity which was meaningful to you this summer. During Felllowship Time you will have an opportunity to share the … read more.