What is Scrip?

The Green Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (GBAUUF) purchases gift certificates, or scrip, from popular retailers at a discount, which the retailers are happy to give because they’re guaranteeing themselves customers and some goodwill advertising.

You can then buy the gift certificates from the GBAUUF at face value. The difference in price is kept by GBAUUF. You spend the scrip at the retailer, where it’s worth the full face value; you haven’t spent an extra dime to help GBAUUF, nor have you had to change stores.

How can I order Scrip?

There are three ways to order scrip:

  1. Buy it a GBAUUF on Sundays after service.  Pay by check,  cash, or credit card (through PayPal).
  2. Order online at ShopwithScrip.com.  Pay by check, cash, or Presto Pay.
  3. For orders over $250, contact the GBAUUF Scrip Coordinator at scrip@greenbayuu.org for local delivery. Pay by check,  cash, or credit card (through PayPal).

What retailers are available?

There are many local, regional, and national retailers available through the program.

Steps to Purchasing Scrip Online

  1. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com and click Register at the upper right of the page.
  2. Enter Enrollment code 7LE1ELLC9459.
  3. Create a username and password and enter account information. (Note: Only items marked with an * are a required field.)
  4. Once in your account, you can set up your payment method by clicking on Dashboard at the top of the page, then Family Functions in the left panel, and then PrestoPay. Once on the PrestoPay page, scroll to the bottom and click YES AND I AGREE, and then complete the required information and click NEXT.
  5. Two small deposits will be made to the checking/savings account you set up for PrestoPay. When you have those amounts, log back into your Scrip account, and go to PrestoPay (see step #5 above) to enter the amounts.  Lastly, set up a PIN number to use PrestoPay in the future.
  6. Once you are all set up the final step will be for the GBAUUF Scrip Coordinator (scrip@greenbayuu.org) to approve your account.