Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

Reimagining Beloved Community (Part 1)

A More Perfect Union, the opening promise of the U.S. constitution, is the aspirational title Rev. Adam Russell Taylor chose for his new book. His premise is that Martin Luther King Jr’s vision of a beloved community is still valid and makes the case for … read more.

A Celebration of Flowers and Community

Over 100 years ago Unitarian minister Norbert Čapek created a celebration of beauty, diversity, and community in Prague called flower communion. This wonderful ritual is a meaningful way to transition into summer with a touching reminder of the beauty and love we share. You are … read more.

Understanding Our Multi-generational Village

Jean M. Twenge’s book Generations offers profound insight into how the differences from the Silent Generation to Generation Z are all part of continuous patterns in American society. Accepting and celebrating our generational differences are part of valuing pluralism within our congregations.

See the … read more.

The Gift of Pluralism

This is the sixth and final Unitarian Universalist value we will explore together this year, and probably the most unique to our faith. Our individual beliefs and spiritual journeys vary widely and we lift this up as a strength which keeps us open to new … read more.

Less Than Ten Miles Connect Us

Each of our three Fellowships are located within blocks of rivers whose watersheds were once connected by a relatively short canal. Let us consider how this applies to the interdependence of our congregations.

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It’s Butterfly Time Again

The image of the caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly invites us each spring to ponder our own personal transformation process. How do we support each other to continually grow spiritually and ethically?

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Composting Our Faith

Unitarian Universalism is called a ‘living tradition” meaning we are not bound by doctrine or the way our ancestors did something. Rather, like composting, we continually break down what we affirm and promote and transform it into what nourishes growth for the season we are … read more.

Just Go Away

Author Matthew Desmond’s insightful book, Poverty by America, reminds us that poverty is by design in our society. We subsidize anyone with wealth and just want the poor to go away. What sacrifice is required to bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice?

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Bringing Heaven to Earth

Justice and Equity are two of our fundamental Unitarian Universalist values, but what do they mean to us theologically and spiritually? Why do we focus so much on “building a better world”?

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