Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

50 Shades of Gratitude

Acknowledging that we are about to enter a long holiday season during a pandemic, we seek to maintain resilience through a mindset of sufficiency and gratitude. Let us begin a communal spiritual practice of lifting up all the shades of gratitude in our lives for … read more.

Voting Our Principles

Participating in democracy is the easiest way to publicly embrace our principles. Is our voting a reflection of our principles? How do we impact the messiness of democracy?

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Seeking the Forest for the Trees

Scientists know that trees in a forest use an underground network to support each other. Similarly we grow spiritually as we support each other to dig deeper into our individual faith journeys.

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Weekly service links and password access can always be found on … read more.

The Deep Waters of Our Faith Community

Join us this Sunday, for our annual Mingling of the Waters (also known as the Water Communion) service. Will we have even been able to travel to summer destinations this year? Or will our waters be from more local sources, like a rain barrel or … read more.

A Theology of Connection in Zoomland

Rev. Jim Coakley shares the morning message through Fox Valley UU. Since the invention of the letter and then the telephone, human connection has slowly crept towards the virtual world. Now that the pandemic has rapidly increased this transition, how do we nurture a theology … read more.

Rev. Jim Coakley

Join us for a thoughtful service provided by our regular visiting Unitarian Universalist ordained minister.