Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

Our Cheese is Moving

Spencer Johnson’s popular change management book “Who Moved My Cheese” provides a great parable about how we adapt to change. We can either sit around and hope our old favorite cheese will come back or we can go find a new favorite. The coming program … read more.

Question Box Sermon

This is the time every year in which your questions are the sermon. Because the service is virtual, it may work best to pre-submit questions to jimuumin@gmail.com. Otherwise, putting live questions in the chat box is always an option.

See the UUConnect for the service logon information … read more.

General Assembly Recap and UUA Update

In addition to supporting congregations as they transition out of the pandemic, this year’s General Assembly was primarily focused on the institutional changes started four years ago. We are transforming ourselves into the truly welcoming organization we have always aspired to become.

See the UUConnect for the … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

Our annual flower communion service will still be held virtually but let us celebrate the resilience of our community over the last year! Have your flower nearby when you log onto the service and be prepared to share your feelings about it. Does your flower … read more.

Sylvia’s Service Auction Sermon

Back when we still could gather physically, the Open Circle Fellowship held a service auction. Sylvia Reed purchased a sermon of her choice and now I can finally fulfill that commitment. In alignment with our theme this month, we will explore how some traditional societies … read more.

Encouraging Spiritual Growth

Our 3rd principle lifts up “acceptance of one another and spiritual growth in our congregations”. Let us revisit what this means as our congregations become increasingly more diverse theologically.

See the UUConnect for the service logon information or click on April 18 in the calendar.

Flourishing Together in NE Wisconsin

Our three primary congregations plan to collaborate more closely going forward with an expanded ministry. It’s a bold initiative to support our Unitarian Universalist movement in the region and spiritual growth as individuals. It offers expanded programing and more ways to become connected and involved … read more.

Rolling Back the Stone

The Christian Easter story tells us of angels intervening to roll back the stone covering the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, thus releasing the resurrection. This metaphor of death and rebirth has a modern corollary in the struggles against the current opioid crisis. Local efforts … read more.