Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

The Invisible Embrace

“We live between the act of awakening and the act of surrender.” – John O’Donohue. This Irish poet, priest, and philosopher helps us rediscover the true source of compassion, serenity, and hope through his writing Beauty: The Invisible Embrace.

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Wandering in the Wilderness

The Passover story reminds us of a people wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before they awakened in their “Land of milk and honey”. What does this story tell us of times of uncertainty?

Waking Up to the Pain and Suffering of Others. We … read more.

What Faith Am I Renewing, Anyway?

Unitarian Universalists are continually called to renew our hopeful faith in a better world. Sadly, sometimes such an optimistic faith may feel pointless because humans seem so intent on destroying themselves. We believe in the inherent goodness and the universal salvation of humanity and these … read more.

Widening the Circle of Compassion

Dr. Courtand Dahl, the creator of the Healthy Minds Program, encourages us to overcome our unconcious bias and widen our circle of compassion through meditation and mental training.

RE Focus: Widening the Circle of Love
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The Intentions of Our Justice Superheroes

This Justice Sunday let us reflect on what motivates our justice superheroes. What is it about how they live with intention that makes them so effective?

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Goals versus Intentions

Tis the annual season of hopeful resolve followed quickly by disappointment. Phillip Moffitt, a renowned vipassana (insight) meditation teacher helps us better comprehend the difference between goals and intentions. Ironically, maybe we should be setting new year’s goals to become more intentional?

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The Joy of Carols, Candles, Cookies and Community

Join us for a service filled with the joy that many religious faiths and traditions provide this time of year. Our Fellowship will focus on the Winter Solstice and Christmas which are celebrated the coming week. 

Children’s RE Focus:¬†Intergenerational celebration – No religious exploration class.

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Remaining Open to Joy

Brene Brown reminds us that twinkling holiday lights are a great metaphor for how joy works. We may expect it to come as a flood light, but rather it comes in small seemingly random moments. Remaining open to these moments is the key to being … read more.