Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

Just Go Away

Author Matthew Desmond’s insightful book, Poverty by America, reminds us that poverty is by design in our society. We subsidize anyone with wealth and just want the poor to go away. What sacrifice is required to bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice?

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Bringing Heaven to Earth

Justice and Equity are two of our fundamental Unitarian Universalist values, but what do they mean to us theologically and spiritually? Why do we focus so much on “building a better world”?

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Liberating Love

Perfectionism and self-doubt are hardly liberating and it’s all too easy to get pulled into the “unworthy of being loved” trap. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, is a passionate advocate of accessing the love deep within us by writing letters FROM love. Let … read more.

Why We Are Spiritual Creatures

This is Rev. Jim’s companion sermon to the book group discussion of The Awakened Brain: The New Science of Spirituality and Our Quest for an Inspired Life by Dr. Lisa Miller.

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We Only Have What We Give

Isabel Allende’s tragic loss of her 28-year-old daughter transformed her outlook on life. Embracing impermanence, she found peace and happiness through generosity.

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Life’s Generosity

When we ask ourselves, “Why did ____ happen to me?“, it’s not hard to consider ourselves cursed. By contrast, Unitarian Universalism focuses on life’s generosity and inherent goodness, which in turn enables us to cope with our struggles. Let us renew this spiritual practice together … read more.

Supporting Coming Out Day Everyday

Queer teens are vulnerable in all our communities and we have an opportunity to support them as allies beyond just annual Pride events. In this service I make the case for supporting safe spaces where all have an opportunity to express themselves authentically and be … read more.

A Heritage of Seeking Equity

Our religious ancestors rejected the concept of original sin and believed that all are fundamentally good. Because Unitarian Universalists are action oriented people, we have a long and proud heritage of turning our beliefs into actions – in this case supporting the sacred rite of … read more.