Speaker: Rev. Jim Coakley

The Rights of Nature

Environmentalism has always resisted the dominant cultural view that nature is merely a resource for humans for seemingly unending consumption. The Rights of Nature is a growing global movement to transform Indigenous values into enforceable laws that can protect the planet for all life. This … read more.

Spiritual Resistance

The Christian Easter story of descending into a dark tomb of death and returning to the light of life is a great metaphor for spiritual resistance. As our society seems to be descending into a tomb of fear, anxiety and despair, Unitarian Universalism keeps resisting … read more.

Jesus, Love and the Human Condition

Did the Rabbi Jesus understand the human condition better than anyone until Freud? He preached that love was the greatest commandment, the greatest force in the universe. Modern psychology preaches that it is foundational to a healthy life.

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Blue Christmas

For many, the coming longest night of the year is a metaphor for dark feelings of grief and loss. In this service we acknowledge the emptiness of broken relationships (human or otherwise) and use ritual to help heal. You are invited to bring a small … read more.

The Wonder of Creation

As we travel deeper into that time of year filled with many wonder stories, let us lift up the original wonder story of creation. Our creation from mere stardust is the original miracle.

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