Sanctuary, KitchenIncludes use of microphones, theatre style seating for up to 100 individuals or up to (5) round tables configured for up to 10 ppl/table; access to kitchen with coffee maker and dishes; 2 hour minimum$50/hour
Event Rehearsal Needs Use of sanctuary only; No minimum$35/hour
Event Coordinator and/or AV Technician2 hour minimum$25/hour pp
Library Meeting Room2 hour minimum$20/hour
Small Group Room 12 hour minimum$20/hour
Small Group Room 22 hour minimum$20/hour
Use of Electronic KeyboardIncluded if need for a rehearsal$50 Flat Fee
Use of Large
Screen TV
$25 Flat Fee
BASEMENT ROOMIncludes a sink, small counter area, microwave and small fridge. Can be configured with additional tables and chairs. Note: there is no elevator. 2 hour minimum$35/hour

$100 deposit required for all non-member and non-fellowship events and activities. See Facilities Usage and Priority Policies for more details.

Two hour minimum for all room needs.

Renters are responsible for returning the facility to the condition in which it was received and will pay for all damages in excess of the security deposit.  

Members in good standing are eligible for a 25% discount.