4th Principle: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning

“Search for Truth”

When one starts a search for the truth, the individual must be prepared to accept finding out facts, hints, and data that may or will change, modify, challenge, contradict, and question what could be your deepest held personal beliefs.  Searching for the truth can be a very emotional and intellectual trying experience.

Benjamin Cruz-Uribe retired from A.C. Nielson Co in 2006 where he worked for 32 years as a statistical resource analyst. He then went on to teach statistics at UWGB where he again retired as an associate lecturer in Natural and Applied Sciences in 2017. He interest in collecting data lead him to question certain absolutes presented by Christianity as truths. Out of this personal inquiry, his first lecture series was born. Cruz-Uribe currently teaches popular Learning In Retirement courses including the most recent entitled “An Alternative Vision of the History of Early Christianity.” His bubbly presentations and engaging revelations of unearthed facts leaves no one nodding off!