A Trust That Works

In the summer of 2015, at age 53, Laurie Apgar Chandler became the first woman to solo thru-paddle New England’s Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Achieving her improbable dream, to travel 740 miles alone in a small canoe, was by no means certain. Relatively new to wilderness paddling, she encountered challenges, expected and unexpected, that pushed her to the limits of her courage and endurance. Laurie is the author of “Upwards,” the memoir of her paddling adventure weaving faith, nature, and the abiding goodness of people and proving that dreams are meant to be followed.

Laurie holds degrees in biology and forestry from Albright College and Duke University and worked for many years as a research forester. She currently resides in Bremen, Maine, where she works in middle school special education.

Join us for this unique “virtual” service, direct from Maine, that will bring Laurie’s message of her trust in God as she paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.