Fall Equinox: Time to Reflect on the Beauty of Balance

Equinox is a time of balance. A time when our daylight hours and nighttime hours are equal in length and strength. In the spring we focus on putting plans and dreams into action. In the fall we reflect on what we have produced and on how our plans worked well, where they may have fallen short. And so, the Fall Equinox is a time of reflecting on, and evaluating the beauty of the balance we strove to achieve with our Spring Equinox plans and pursuits. Did we temper the demands of work with the refreshment of play? Were our gardens designed to create spiritual and emotional as well as physical and practical benefits? And within that exchange of work and play, doing and dreaming what might we have learned about the state of balance within our lives and the relationships we participate in? Join us on Sunday Sept 22 as we explore the beautiful balance to be found within reflections upon the nature of this and every Fall Equinox.