Every Community Needs a M.I.R.R.O.R.

Built off the acronym MIRROR, this inspirational talk related to what every community needs will be a reminder of the covenant principles of the GBUUAF. This simple conversation encourages hearers and says: You matter, the events shaping your life are important; relationships support individual growth; we are responsible for ourselves and to each other; challenges are opportunities for growth; and intentional reflections remind us of how far we’ve come while providing focus for the work ahead.



Renita Robinson is the CEO of the YWCA Greater Green Bay. Formerly licensed as a graduate social worker (LGSW), and 6-12th grade English and social studies teacher, Renita has developed effective programs and influenced policy related to services for youth and their families. She has been an advocate, educator and supporter for the homeless, victims of sexual and domestic violence and low-resourced individuals across the life, gender and race span. Since 1998, Renita has developed curriculum, designed conferences and programs and conducted workshops addressing a wide range of audiences as the owner/trainer of Teach ‘Em To Fish, LLC. Renita has lead organizations and university departments, been an adjunct instructor, and Senior Grant Specialist for the State of Minnesota. She has completed all course work for a doctorate in teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota Duluth. As a highly sought-after presenter of tools to create culturally responsive workspaces, and the impact of witnessing violence on children, Renita’s vita lists over one hundred presentations, courses, and keynotes. Though honored as Co-Teacher of the Year by the Boston Anti-Defamation League in 1997, her favorite accomplishment is raising two compassionate sons.