Knowledge vs. Absolute Certainty

The Unitarian 4th Principle states: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” In religious studies, the greatest threat to any search for understanding the Gospels of the Bible are the doctrines and dogma proclaimed by the governing institutions of most Christian denominations.  The message that must be shared here is that, if anyone wishes to have a better understanding of any scriptures, then that individual must be willing to accept that he or she will only be able to find more knowledge about them.

There is no absolute certainty in the world. This fact is unsettling to those who seek absolute security for their lives. And because of this need or desire to avoid doubts or uncertainty, many unfortunate events have happened throughout history because the participants see no doubt in their actions.

Today in America this same desire for absolute certainty has grown and spread, especially in the study of sacred scriptures.