Mary Magdalene: The First Christian

Much has been said about Mary Magdalene in books, movies, and internet websites. Unfortunately, most of what is said is incorrect, invented and just plain untrue. What we today really know of Mary comes from the four Canonical Gospels as well as a series on non-canonical Gospels. From these various sources, we can say that she was a witness to Jesus of Nazareth’s crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. In fact, Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection and she proclaimed this event to the rest of the Apostles and Disciples of Jesus. She is the First Christian.

Ben Cruz-Uribe has taught at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay in the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) program and in the Math Department as an Adjunct Professor of Statistics for over the past 17 years. A popular speaker in the the LLI program, Ben created and presented 21 different courses on the early history of Christianity.

We renew faith in ourselves by trusting our gifts. Each person has gifts inside of themselves. Our religion reminds us that we have inherent worth. Part of what this means is that we have the strength and gifts within us to help others and help ourselves.

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