NO SERVICE – Memorial Day Weekend

Unitarian Universalists have had a tradition of taking summers off altogether. One of the theories of why traces back to Harvard.

Unitarianism has long appealed to freethinkers and intellectuals, including many college professors. In the United States, Unitarianism really took off after 1805, when Harvard first appointed a Unitarian professor of theology. At that time summer was tied to Harvard University, whose calendar has provided for summers off. Unitarian churches in New England would all close down in June, and everyone headed for the Cape!

As late as 2012, upwards of 85 percent of Unitarian societies went into some kind of ecclesiastical hibernation in the summer months.

Due to historically low attendance and the difficulty of attracting speakers during a three-day holiday weekend, GBAUUF observes our own “ecclesiastical” absence, but only over the weekends of Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July.

Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends. See you next Sunday!