Don’t Give Up On Your Spiritual Practice

Come join Soto Zen priest, Tai Alford, as he explores the idea of renewing faith from a Buddhist perspective. What is it that keeps you coming back again and again to spiritual practice? Whether it’s walking in the woods, being of service to other people, or sitting on a cushion, there is a way to tap into a place of replenishment even in the midst of difficulty.

Tai Alford has been a member of the Fox Valley UU Fellowship since 1997. A meditator and yoga practitioner since the 1980s, Tai began zen training in 2013 and with Clouds in Water Zen Center and received home leaving ordination from his teacher, Sōsan Flynn, in 2016. Tai lives in Appleton with his husband Tom and enjoys songwriting and performing in his spare time.

How does UUism use covenanting to renew our faith? We trust and hope that our actions will be governed by the promises we make in our covenants. It’s all a way of celebrating how our faith reminds us, “It is our promises that make us feel safe, connected and strong.”

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