What’s So Great About Silence, Anyway?

Need a break from 24 hour news, 24 hour convenience stores, 24 hour online streaming, 24 hour casinos, 24 hour (fill in the blank)…? Explore how the development of an appreciation and use of silence can nourish our bodies and souls.

Steve is a Norbertine brother who has lived in De Pere most of his adult life. After having spent much of his ministry in Catholic social action the first part of this century, he began the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program through the Franciscan Spirituality Center last fall. His hobbies include gardening, reading, blogging at stevenherro.wordpress.com, and exercising on the Fox River Trail and in the Abbey exercise room. He is currently employed as an archivist for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay and as the Executive Assistant for the Bay Area Community Council.