Casa Alba Melanie

As with most previous groups of immigrants, Spanish-speaking individuals coming to Green Bay look for a safe, welcoming place to receive help and information as they adapt to a new culture.

Casa ALBA Melanie is the Hispanic Resource Center of the greater Green Bay area. Its mission is to nurture the well-being and wholesome development of all members of the Hispanic community living in the region.

Our speaker, Sister Melanie Maczka, is the Executive Director of Casa ALBA Melanie. She was a member of the original group of people that got together to develop the idea of a Hispanic Resource Center in 2010. In the community, Sister Melanie is involved with Hispanic lay ministry formation in the Catholic diocese.  She serves on the Board of Directors of ABC (Achieve Brown County). She is a past Board member of the YWCA and the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in Green Bay.  She is active in the Migration Advocacy of Brown County and is an active advocate for justice and equality for immigrants.