Who was Jesus of Nazareth? Changing Our Perception.

Almost of people raised in any Christian denomination think of Jesus in the terms of Christ, Lord, and Divine Savior. However, for the first two hundred years of early Christianity, there are very few “facts” about Jesus of Nazareth. There are no physical descriptions of the man in the New Testament or other early church writings. The first pictures came centuries later. Little is known about the man himself and who he really was. What we know today about Jesus the man are blended together with the myths, misconceptions, and wishful thinking that surrounded the divine Jesus Christ. In order to truly understand the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, we must understand that he was a man just like everyone else. We must see him for who he really was, not what time and imagination have made him into. We must change the perceptions that many have. We must take a new-look at this remarkable man and make some basic changes in what we think and know about him.

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