Yukwatsistay^: Our Fire, Our Spirit, Within Each One of Us

Yukwatsistay^ is made up of a core group of dedicated grassroots Oneida community volunteers committed to supporting those who need help fighting the battle of addiction.

As our March 24th Sunday Service presenter, certified Recovery Coach/Yukwatsistay^ Board Treasurer Debra Valentino will help us better understand how the Oneida community, through the work of Yukwatsistay^,  is building the relationships and creating the supports and resources needed to help individuals and their community break free of the cycles of addiction and make choices that build toward a better future for generations to come. The work Yukwatsistay is doing holds true to all of our UU Principles and can be summed up in this beautiful quote from their program pamphlet:

Honor One, We Honor All – When We Help One to Heal, We Help the Families and Our Communities Heal.