Youth Sunday Service

Join us for this youth-led service, when the grown-ups get a chance to learn from the next generation. How is Unitarian Universalism shaping their lives? What do the 7 Principles mean to them? What challenges do they face? What can we do to support our … read more.

Casa Alba Melanie

As with most previous groups of immigrants, Spanish-speaking individuals coming to Green Bay look for a safe, welcoming place to receive help and information as they adapt to a new culture.

Casa ALBA Melanie is the Hispanic Resource Center of the greater Green Bay area. Its … read more.

The Shifting Paradigm of Freedom

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “What is the value of any political freedom, but as a means to moral freedom?” Today, the word freedom is used politically to justify a myriad of ideas, from the freedom to openly carry assault rifles to the freedom to leave … read more.