What is Scrip?

Scrip is an easy way to earn money for our fellowship every time you do your shopping. Instead of using cash or credit cards to pay for your purchases, you use Scrip!

How does it work?

GBAUUF purchases Scrip (gift cards or certificates) from retailers at a discount. You then purchase Scrip gift cards or certificates from GBAUUF at face value. The difference in price is kept by GBAUUF.

Simply shop as you normally do, and present Scrip at the checkout, where it’s worth the full face value. You haven’t spent anything extra help to GBAUUF, but we receive anywhere from 2% to 12% (or more!) from retailers you already visit who want to support non-profits like us.

What retailers are available?

There are many local, regional, and national retailers available through the program. ShopWithScrip offers even more options with categories you can search by topic such as Fast Food or Home Decor. From shopping locally at Festival Foods to redecorating your rec room with Wayfair, earn money for our fellowship simply by remembering to use Scrip!

Physical Gift Cards

These are the same plastic credit card shaped gift cards you see at the store. GBAUUF maintains a variety of local and national retailer cards available for purchase each Sunday or by request. Denominations are typically $10, $25, $50 or $100 per card. Please pay by cash or check. We are currently unable to process credit cards in person.

Covid-19 Ordering

Place your SCRIP order for physical cards by emailing the Scrip coordinator. If the card or certificate is in stock, you can pick it up the same day.  If it isn’t in stock, it will be ordered and you will be notified when it comes in. Please include contact information in your email to coordinate a safe distancing pick up time and to receive address information.

ScripNow® eGift Cards

Over 400 retailer brands offer ScripNow, which are eGift cards that you can buy and receive instantly online. You can print them off or store them on  the MyScripWallet.com app on your mobile device. This is a great alternative to using physical cards for national chains like Starbucks, Barnes & Nobel, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

To use, select the eGift card option by retailer. (Not all retailers offer this convenient option.) Please DO NOT place orders for physical cards to be delivered to your home using the “Family Order” option. Individual orders of less than $500 result in a shipping fee being billed to GBAUUF that is greater than the savings on the purchase of cards. Please email the Coordinator for any physical Scrip Cards you’d like to purchase.

Steps to Purchasing ScripNow® Online

  1. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com and click Register at the upper right of the page.
  2. Enter Enrollment code 7LE1ELLC9459.
  3. Create a username and password and enter account information. (Note: Only items marked with an * are a required field.)
  4. Once in your account, you can set up your payment method by clicking on Dashboard at the top of the page, then Family Functions in the left panel, and then PrestoPay. Once on the PrestoPay page, scroll to the bottom and click YES AND I AGREE, and then complete the required information and click NEXT.
  5. Two small deposits will be made to the checking/savings account you set up for PrestoPay. When you have those amounts, log back into your Scrip account, and go to PrestoPay (see step #5 above) to enter the amounts.  Lastly, set up a PIN number to use PrestoPay in the future.
  6. Once you are all set up the final step will be for the GBAUUF Scrip Coordinator (scrip@greenbayuu.org) to approve your account.