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Get Outfitted for Your Journey

As Unitarian Universalists we pride ourselves on our acceptance of diverse religious paths. We are expected to explore and discover pathways that hold meaning and sustain life. Yet, we don’t explore in isolation. We come together as a congregation to find others to share our … read more.

We All Bleed the Same

Keziah Love, the CEO and Founder of Healing Scars, will share stories of love from her work mentoring and counseling young girls in the Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Racine and Kenosha areas. Keziah is a licensed psychotherapist with an expertise in trauma. Additionally, she is … read more.

Jesus, Love and the Human Condition

Did the Rabbi Jesus understand the human condition better than anyone until Freud? He preached that love was the greatest commandment, the greatest force in the universe. Modern psychology preaches that it is foundational to a healthy life.

See the UUConnect for the service logon information … read more.

A Love Between Two Brothers

Many people today know little or nothing about Jesus of Nazareth’s family, especially his brothers. One of his brothers, called James the Just, became one of the first leaders of the early Christian Church in Jerusalem. He did not believe in his brother for most … read more.

5th Sunday Presentation and Potluck

PRESENTATION 10 am – Andy Hetzel’s Travels to Peru and the Galapagos Islands

One of our members, Andy Hetzel, was afforded the wonderful opportunity to visit Peru and the Galapagos Islands in the late summer of 2022. He will share some of his experiences as … read more.

Finding Our Center: Being Calm in the Storm

In the tradition of Visio Divina (“Sacred Seeing”) wherein one allows their heart and imagination to enter into a work of art (with the great hope of receiving clarity, insight and inspiration), a collection of “quiet” 17th century paintings of Dutch interior spaces and 21st … read more.

Fire Communion

(Not a full service – in person only)

In the spirit of welcoming in the new and sending out the old, join us for the Burning Bowl Ceremony. You’ll be invited to write down a word or phrase to sum up what you wish to leave … read more.

Christmas Day

There will be no service today.