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Understanding Our Multi-generational Village

Jean M. Twenge’s book Generations offers profound insight into how the differences from the Silent Generation to Generation Z are all part of continuous patterns in American society. Accepting and celebrating our generational differences are part of valuing pluralism within our congregations.

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The Gift of Pluralism

This is the sixth and final Unitarian Universalist value we will explore together this year, and probably the most unique to our faith. Our individual beliefs and spiritual journeys vary widely and we lift this up as a strength which keeps us open to new … read more.

Poetry Sunday

Join us for this GBAUUF tradition as several of our members and friends share their original poetry or read a poem that is special to them. If you have a favorite poem that speaks to this month’s theme of interdependence, please bring it to share … read more.

The Interdependence of Hope

Carrie Arnold will share stories from nature, the animal world, the realm of spirit, religious traditions, and other cultures that show how we depend on each other for glimpses of hope in a tumultuous world. She is a former chaplain at the Brown County jail, … read more.

Less Than Ten Miles Connect Us

Each of our three Fellowships are located within blocks of rivers whose watersheds were once connected by a relatively short canal. Let us consider how this applies to the interdependence of our congregations.

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5th Sunday Presentation + Potluck

Katina will share with us how we can help our Fellowship simply by buying the things we’ve always bought — using online SCRIP.

The presentation will be followed by a potluck.


It’s Butterfly Time Again

The image of the caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly invites us each spring to ponder our own personal transformation process. How do we support each other to continually grow spiritually and ethically?

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