One Bright Pearl

Due to COVID-19 measuresall in-person services held at our fellowship have been cancelled until further notice.

Through the month of July, we invite you to join in fellowship with our friends at Fox Valley UU. They are continuing to provide streaming digital Sunday Services via Zoom. Taizan Alford will be sharing this morning’s message.

Eihei Dogen, the founder of the Soto Zen Buddhist sect writes about how the seeker can see all of life as a vehicle for awakening in his fascicle, One Bright Pearl.

Tai Alford, a long-time member of the Fellowship, and an ordained Soto Zen priest in training addresses through examining this Dogen fascicle, how we can see the current chaos created by the coronavirus, awareness of racism, political unrest as a pathway to growth and a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and to life itself.

To participate, you’ll first need to download and/or test the Zoom App to a computer. Each Sunday Service requires a new login. Please visit the Fox Valley UU website and follow the posted link for upcoming services. Click here for a tutorial about UU Streaming to Zoom.

We encourage you to support FVUUF in a good will offering as you see fit.

Thank you to FVUUF and Fellowship Connections @ A Distance allowing our congregation to virtual visit yours!