Fellowship Connections @ A Distance

Due to COVID-19 measures, all in-person services held at our fellowship have been cancelled until further notice.

Instead—and for the duration of the COVID-19 quarantine—Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy and our friends at Fox Valley UU are providing streaming digital “Fellowship Connections @ A Distance” Sunday Services via Zoom and have extended an invitation for members of our beloved GBAUUF community to join in. We encourage you to support FVUUF in a good will offering as you see fit.

To participate, you’ll first need to download and/or test the Zoom App to a computer. Each Sunday Service requires a new login. Please visit the Fox Valley UU website and follow the posted link for upcoming services. Click here for a tutorial about UU Streaming to Zoom.

Thank you to FVUUF and Fellowship Connections @ A Distance allowing our congregation to virtual visit yours!