A Theology of Connection in Zoomland

Rev. Jim Coakley shares the morning message through Fox Valley UU. Since the invention of the letter and then the telephone, human connection has slowly crept towards the virtual world. Now that the pandemic has rapidly increased this transition, how do we nurture a theology of connection in the virtual land of Zoom?

This is the last service we are asking our fellowship to join FVUUF as we look ahead to provide our own programming beginning August 9.

Thank you to the FVUUF for the months of providing streaming digital “Fellowship Connections @ A Distance” Sunday Services via Zoom. We encourage you to support FVUUF in a good will offering as you see fit either through their website or by mailing a contribution.

To participate in today’s service, you’ll first need to download and/or test the Zoom App to a computer. Please visit the Fox Valley UU website and follow the posted link for today’s service.