Holding Our History of Democracy Sacred – A Perspective and Opportunity for Dialog on Critical Race Theory featuring local activist Laura DeGolier and State Assembly Member Jeremy Thiesfeldt

Unitarian Universalism’s 5th principle was born out of our long history of wrestling with controversial and complex issues. It states that we honor the democratic process and the “right of conscience” – the political right to discern what is morally best. Of course, such discernment requires respectful dialog to thoroughly understand an issue and come to thoughtful conclusions.

This Sunday we have an incredible opportunity to practice this discernment tradition. We are suspending our regular service and hosting a forum on Critical Race Theory. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, WI State Assembly Member – District 52 and Chair of the Assembly committee on Education will be offering his perspective through a dialog facilitated by local political activist Laura Golier. Instead of the usual elements of our service, we are dedicating the entire time to listening and asking questions. I hope you’ll engage in this opportunity to learn through respectful dialog and discernment.

Children in the Religious Exploration program should go directly to their classroom when they arrive at 10:00. They will be engaging in a related topic – participatory democracy.

Children’s RE Focus: The 6th Principle of Unitarian Universalism – We believe in working for a peaceful, fair and free world.   

See the UUConnect for the service logon information or click on November 28 in the calendar.