The Underrated Virtue of Kindness

Do you turn off the news frequently because you feel disgusted by how people are treating each other?  When you drive on major highways are you concerned not just by the sheer number speeding cars, but by the overall lack of consideration for other drivers? How do you feel when you hear that kindness classes are being taught in pre-school in several areas of Wisconsin, because of the need for it.

Lately, it seems like the world needs a big dose of kindness. It seems that a lot of people need a reminder that being considerate to fellow human beings shouldn’t be an option or a rare commodity. Why does it seem that we are not progressing to better, kinder people and a better, kinder society? Why is it that an overall assessment might indicate we’ve actually regressed?  For some reason, it seems like many people have forgotten those simple lessons taught by their parents and in grade school. You know, the ones that should be obvious, especially if you’re over the age of eight.

Therese Barry-Tanner, a long time GBAUUF member will share her insights on this topic and what we can do about it.