Speaker: Therese Barry-Tanner

The Underrated Virtue of Kindness

Do you turn off the news frequently because you feel disgusted by how people are treating each other?  When you drive on major highways are you concerned not just by the sheer number speeding cars, but by the overall lack of consideration for other drivers? … read more.

Attitudes of Gratitude

Gratitude is a simple, profound practice that can be life-changing. But do we take time for it? If we take time to reflect upon the good in our lives, it can re-store us to the natural place where we focus more on what’s right instead … read more.

Why I Walk

For over thirty years Therese Barry-Tanner has walked outdoors almost daily. What started as a necessity, became a transformative experience, and then turned into a passion. Therese will talk about how walking connects to her spirituality and has become an essential part of her life.