Speaker: Andrew Agacki

‘And That’s the Truth!’

I remember Lily Tomlin’s ‘Edith Ann’ character from back in the early ’70’s: you might be old enough to remember that five-and-a-half year old spouting  philosophy from a large rocking chair … and always ending with ‘And that’s the truth, pfbtpfbt’!  But really: what is … read more.

“Isn’t It Annoying?”

After my wife had a spinal fusion this last Summer (her second) I jokingly remarked, ‘We have to walk at least three miles a day before she doesn’t have to wear her support hose … THREE MILES … that’s more than normal people walk!  She’s … read more.


Life, I find, is much like my orchids: I was given them as gifts, and they bloom despite (in spite of?)  my cat. I’ve tended my various plants; watering, feeding, shifting them around to the ‘best’ spots … and they bloom … mostof them anyway.  … read more.