Speaker: Rev. Kelly J. Crocker

Resisting the Growing Edge

Theologian Howard Thurman told us to “Look well to the growing edge! For it is here we find the basis of hope in moments of despair, the incentive to carry on…“ Growing edges may be places of hope, and they are often places and times … read more.

Change Is Good, You Go First

We know that change is inevitable in our days, it is our constant companion. Sometimes change is a welcome force in our lives, a moment of excitement, a new beginning, a time of promise and possibility. Other times, change is incredibly unwelcome in our lives, … read more.

To Bless & Be Blessed in Return

We offer blessings to one another here in this community quite often. We confer blessings on our youngest ones during child dedication ceremonies and then when they come of age. Couples are blessed during wedding ceremonies, and during memorials, we pause to bless this one … read more.

Awakening Our Imaginations

Awakening Our Imaginations with, First Unitarian Society of Madison Humans have a unique capacity to envision that which is not, to use imagination to move from the realm of the known to the realm of the possible. Imagination can truly be transformative and revolutionary, especially … read more.

Becoming Uncertain

Recently, we have all become experts in living with uncertainty. This time has taught us to adjust to life with a lingering, and often unsettling, amount of uncertainty. We search for stability and surety in a world that is constantly in flux. At the same … read more.